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How To Start a Dental Assisting School & Earn Passive Income as a Dentist

How To Start a Dental Assisting School & Earn Passive Income as a Dentist

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Being a Dentist is a full-time hands-on job, especially if you own and manage your dental practice. You have to ensure that you and everyone who works for you are up-to-date on the latest information regarding patient care. The best way to ensure you offer a substantially better value to everyone who comes to your practice is by employing certified dental assistants who have undergone training from registered dental assistant schools.

So, if you’re a Dentist with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can start a dental assistant school right in your own dental office. This business venture allows you not only to train prospective dental assistants but to employ the best candidates and still earn a steady stream of passive income.

You can make an average net earning of $120,000 – $180,000 with an initial small investment of $24,500. If you want to become a dental assistant school owner but aren’t sure about the hassle of starting up, how to go about putting things in place or the future benefits this investment holds, then this article is for you. Here is a short guide on all you need to know to get started.

Find a DA School Program

These schools offer Dentists the ability to open up a training school within their practice and earn passive income as a dentist. They help busy dentists like you, who are willing to make a one-time investment in their dental office reap long-term profit and revenue generation. The partners are in charge of handling the training and licensing of your business so that your staff can, in turn, train your prospective students.

A very important decision to make is choosing the right people to partner with; you need a school that offers better value for significantly less and a one hundred percent success rate. Don’t go for a school that will provide little support and zero administrative help.

You need instructors that can help you with the licensing requirements and offer better marketing needed to get students on board while offering a better enrollment process for these students. Get a business prospectus from MCP Schools today, and we’ll fill you in on everything you need to run your business.

Turn Your Practice Into a State Licensed Turn-Key Dental Assistant School & Earn Passive Income as a Dentist

It’s no news that Dentistry is a demanding profession and Dentists are always busy, finding another source of income that won’t take your time away from your patients and job isn’t always easy. That’s why a business or career opportunity like this fits perfectly with any dentist’s lifestyle.

Once you choose a program to partner with, undergo proper staff training and get your license the rest after that becomes smooth sailing. Owning your assistant academy means you get to run your business nearby without it getting in the way of your full-time job. With a business like this, you’ll make your initial investment back with the first set of students you enrol and the first class you hold.

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Choose a Program That Offers Hands-on Training

You have to ensure you choose a school that offers a thorough, nationally recognized curriculum that your students can benefit from. What you’ll need is a state-licensed turn-key dental assistant training school, a school that has a proven track record and has partnered with over 100 practices.

While other programs may leave you to learn on-the-job and figure everything out yourself, MCP Schools offers an assemblage of informational support and guidance. They are a proven, all-inclusive partnership that provides state-of-the-art training for your staff, marketing and business planning. They do the work for you and leave you to enjoy the returns on your investment.

Properly Guide Your Students to Become a Dental Assistant

Increasing your earning potential isn’t the only reason you should start a school, you’re creating employment opportunities and training people to fill job spaces in a very demanding market. The first step to graduating state-of-the-art students is partnering with a nationally recognized Turnkey dental assisting program like medical curriculum partners.

To learn more about what they offer, request a business prospectus. Most schools offer dental care assistant program training that isn’t recognized nationally or properly tailored for students to meet the demanding skill-set of today’s assistant.

A Career in Dental Assisting & Dental Assisting Jobs

After completing the formal education program and passing the examination, your students have an array of places to work, and a new career awaits them. With 60 dental practitioners per 100,000 population, the demand for skilled dental assistants has never been more. Owning your school means you get to train new and existing dental assistants, put them through a standard curriculum and carefully select candidates you feel are the best fit for you.

They are an essential part of any practice and getting their first job after passing our curriculum will be a breeze. As there is an increase in demand for dental assistants, there grows a need for people to train them. That’s why this is the best time for you to own a training school.

The Bottom line

If you’re ready to start your academy or maybe you’re still at a cross-road and need a little more convincing, you can request a business prospectus today or visit MCP Schools to check out more of what we offer and how partnering with us will make your investment less stressful and more profitable.


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