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Dental Assistants

Easy to implement, convenient, and profitable, this program is designed for dental hygienists to drive six-figure revenues without adding production hours.

Doctors: Maximize Your Dental Facility
Start A Profitable Dental Assisting School!

What was once an exclusive school licensing model for public universities, we’ve now made available to dentists.
Easy to implement, convenient, and profitable, this program is designed to not just drive a six-figure passive income to dentists without adding production hours or staff, but also in producing a pool of well-trained dental assistants from which to hire for your practice.
Medical Curriculum Partners offers a premium dental assisting school partnership that provides dentists with a turnkey solution, and students with a convenient and cost-effective opportunity to develop the skills to kickstart a new career.
As the state approved school license owner, you’ll enjoy 100% of the net profits while MCP and its teams of talented higher education experts start, manage, operate and grow your campus you can continue doing what you do best – practicing dentistry!

A Growing Occupation

Start changing lives and creating passive income opportunities with a turnkey Dental Assistant School during non-patient hours

Dental Assisting Career – A Huge Market.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dental assistant jobs are expected to grow 25 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is much faster than the average for other occupations.

Why Dental Assisting?

  • Dental assistants play an important role in every successful dental office.
  • The core focus of dental assisting work is on patient care, often preparing patients for examinations and procedures or working alongside the dentist when treating patients.
  • At your school, students will learn everything they need to know in our 12- week course to start a successful career in dental assisting.
  • Because of our job placement assistance experts, it is not uncommon for students to find work before the program ends. We will help them land the job that will be perfect as the first step for their new career.

What is driving this growth?

Population growth, greater retention of natural teeth by middle-aged and older people, and an increased focus on preventative dental care for younger generations fuels demand for dental services.

As dentists’ workloads increase, they are expected to hire more dental assistants to perform routine tasks, so that they may devote their own time to more complex procedures.
Dental assistants are needed in every part of the country, from big cities to smaller towns. And with so many types of specialists in dentistry — from oral surgeons to orthodontists — there are plenty of different types of offices and clinics for graduates to work in.

Job Security

A successful dental office simply cannot function without a Dental Assistant, so this role will continue to be highly sought after for the foreseeable future.

Considering the amount of education required to become a Dental Assistant (very minimal), this is a career that really pays off. On average, Dental Assistants make around $37,000 a year and more.

Instructional Facilities

Instruction is held at your dental practice that has dental facilities and equipment, and where dental assistant instructors teach and evaluate student work.

Train 10 to 15 students per class to become competent dental assistants.
Host from five to six classes per year with our Turnkey School Package!

” What I love most is how the classes dive straight into the point during the hands-on experience they provide preparing us for the real field. The classes are also held in a dental clinic making the experience and learning surreal. Lots of resources are provided for us the students to ensure that we excel in the workforce. One can tell that OceanPoint dental academy truly cares about their students and want the best for them.”
Priscilla Warukira

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