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Dr. Tamesha Morris


Master License Dentist

Biography &

Education & Experience

Dr. Morris is a native Virginian, born in Richmond and raised in Louisa County, VA. She has been in dental care for over 15 years and is a proud graduate of both the Virginia Commonwealth University College of Dentistry and James Madison University. Dr. Morris believes in the notion of helping others and maintaining a “patient comes first” approach to her dentistry. When you are in her chair you will be treated like family. She remains dedicated to life-long learning of the newest innovations in dental care and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She serves as both a volunteer and advocate for local and international community service organizations.

Since 2003, she has participated in numerous community events and completed missionary work overseas. Over the last 8 years, Dr. Morris has practiced in the Fredericksburg and Woodbridge locales and in 2011 started her very own family dental office in Dumfries, Virginia. She is a loving wife to a wonderful and supportive husband and mother of two beautiful children. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering at church and her children’s classroom, mentoring, reading, and traveling.

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