A Proven Self-Paced Blueprint To Launch Your Dental Assisting School, Create A Pool of Highly Qualified Assistants, and Generate a Lucrative Side-Income



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20+ Years of Industry, Operational, and
Start-up Knowledge

Distilled into an Online Program to Help you Launch your Dental Assisting School at Your Own Pace

Introducing the Dental Assisting School Helper (D.A.S.H.) – a step-by-step online program that gives you unrestricted access to a proprietary self-serve turnkey package, trusted by over 140 dentists and flagship universities across the US and Canada.

Designed by Medical Curriculum Partners (MCP), D.A.S.H. is an affordable alternative or preliminary step to our turnkey partnership, designed for dental professionals that are ready to start building their dental assisting schools independently.

This proprietary program equips you with the proven school assets, industry know-how and plug-and-play templates for you to launch, operate and grow your own school… so you can create a consistent pool of highly qualified dental assistants, and generate a lucrative passive income of up to $180,000 a year.

20 Years

…of Industry, operational, & start-up knowledge in the medical & dental space since 2004

140 Established Schools

Trusted by over 140 dentists and flagship universities in the U.S. and Canada


…of potential average side income (every year) for your practice

80% of Dental Practices Report Difficulty in Recruiting and retaining Qualified Dental Assistants

Chances are, if you’re a dentist, dental practice owner or employee in North America, you know how difficult it is to find (and retain) skilled dental assistants.

Add that to the day-to-day struggle of running a practice, and the demands that already come with the profession — and you’re looking at a twofold blow.

This gap doesn’t just slow down your business growth… but also increases your workload as you strive to provide top-tier dental care to your patients.

You even end up dealing with everyday management of patient appointments and paperwork yourself to ensure a smooth operation…

But eventually, the lack of good support will start to affect your performance and how satisfied your patients feel, which in turn, can hurt your reputation.

Plus, by the time you clock out of your practice, you barely have energy left for your wellbeing, which can put you at risk of the mental and health challenges that are all too common in this industry.

Deep down inside, you know it shouldn’t have to take a breaking point for you to revisit your business strategy and explore a completely different yet sustainable way to truly make a good living…

And hopefully restore the enthusiasm you had when you first started your career or opened your practice.

So how do you escape the grip of overwork and still be able to account for all your operational costs, provide first-rate service to your clients, and manage a qualified, proficient and loyal team?

The answer lies in leveraging your expertise differently, reshaping your role within the industry, and taking charge of the talent pool — by opening a dental assisting school.

While it may seem like a daunting venture or a distant and ambitious dream, starting your own dental assisting school is actually the best strategy to address your operational challenges, step back from the daily grind, and scale your practice… without scaling your schedule.

And the best part is — developing, launching and operating your dental assisting school is not as complicated as you think it is.

A leading Startup Model you can apply Instantly to Launch your Dental assisting School and Generate an Additional $120,000-$180,000 (and beyond)…

In an ever-evolving economy, Dental Assistants are in high demand in the U.S. and Canada.

The career ranks as the third fastest-growing job not requiring a degree, which makes starting a Dental Assisting School an attractive option for dentists.

And with approximately 60 dental practices per 100,000 people — it’s clear that not only is competition for patients strong, but there’s also a very high-demand need for skilled, competent and caring Dental Assistants.

Having a school will not only generate a steady additional income stream for your practice, but also minimize overhead costs and give you first access to highly trained talents.

The best part is, you don’t have to start from scratch. With the right strategy, you can leverage your existing office and equipment during off-hours, and have your staff teach the school curriculum on a part-time basis.

And if you’re not ready to invest in a full turnkey solution, but want to set things in motion with a reliable and applicable process that equips you with all the assets you need to begin building your school… look no further.


The Complete Dental Assistant School Helper

Modeled after MCP Dental’s proprietary startup model, D.A.S.H. is the perfect alternative for dentists and dental practice owners who may not be ready to invest in our turnkey package — or as a preparatory step to becoming our partner.

While it costs $18,500 (or $21,000 in California) to invest in our full turnkey program, D.A.S.H. gives you unrestricted access to our repository of playbooks, training videos, tools and materials — allowing you to handle every aspect of launching, developing and operating a school on your own… for a fraction of the price.

And all you’ll pay for lifetime access to this step-by-step program is $3600. BUT here’s why you’ll pay even less than that today.

Because this is the first time we’ve offered D.A.S.H. to the public, you’re getting a limited-time early bird price of $899 –along with thousands of dollars worth of bonuses FREE when you join now.

That means you save $2701 on top of the already reduced price… but only if you purchase the program before the price goes up on December 31, 2023 at midnight.

Beyond in-class training, D.A.S.H. also provides guidance on school marketing, day-to-day operations, legal services, and financial management — to ease your transition from being a dentist to owning a thriving dental assisting school.

With this program, you can begin to break free from overwork and elevate your dental practice, make a significant contribution to the industry, and potentially garner an extra $120,000-$180,000 annually from tuition fees alone.

But more than that — it’s a pathway to alleviate stress and regain control over your time and your life.

How D.A.S.H. Works

Step-by-Step Training, Tools & Templates

Immediately after ordering, you’ll get access to all our training videos, instructor manuals, customizable templates, class assessments and school materials — all clearly outlined for a step-by-step learning journey that will help you navigate each stage of developing, launching and operating your school.

A Web Engine Designed Specifically For You

D.A.S.H also offers end-to-end solutions to run your online operations. Use our drag-and-drop web designer to build your school site, SEO tools to drive organic leads and enrollments, and other administration features to schedule classes, collect payments, and manage your online reputation effectively.

Continued Support To Optimize Your School Operations

Beyond initial start-up and marketing, DASH offers playbooks for managing your school operations, an integrated call center to handle first sales, reviews and reallocation of marketing spend to optimize your lead generation and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), as well as collection of customer feedback and reviews.

You’ll also access guides for future investment planning to improve your school operations or launching additional school service verticals.

What You’ll Learn In D.A.S.H.

Industry & Domain Knowledge

Delve into the vocational school industry life cycle, understand the dental assisting school’s key elements, successful class execution, and solutions for common student issues.

Comprehensive School Owner Training

Experience 50+ hours of in-depth training and video instruction, giving you full access to the foundational knowledge and strategies you need to successfully develop and operate your school

Self-Paced Startup Courses

Navigate, learn and apply our modules at your own pace, and test your knowledge through our assessment quizzes and assignments.

Technology Onboarding

Learn how to use the online tools that MCP Dental has built or integrated to support our school owners in launching and growing their businesses.

Proprietary Resources

Save time with a vast library of customizable templates for all school-running aspects, from licensing to marketing materials and operational documents.

State Regulatory Licensing

Learn how to navigate state licensing procedures at every stage from preparation to application to approval.

Business & Financial Planning

Get an overview of the best steps, strategies and processes to create a compelling business plan, master your reporting and analytics, build your team of instructors and subcontractors, and manage your fees and finances.

Marketing, Sales & Admissions

Learn how to strategize and create effective leads generation and marketing campaigns, and best practices for student admissions and enrollment.

Drag-And-Drop Website Engine

Avoid up to $20,000 of web design costs with our user-friendly website builder, offering five professional dental templates and over 200 complimentary dental stock images.

Financial Planning & Subcontractor Management

Get a grip on cost structures, pricing considerations, subcontractor benefits, and best practices for effective team management.

Class Production

Master the nitty-gritty of class production, including quality control and required documentation

Owner Resources & Technology Tools

Leverage downloadable documents and DASH’s comprehensive tech tools for launching and growing your business.

Launch Quality Bar

Monitor your progress in each area to measure your readiness to launch your school through a series of assessment exams.

About Medical
Curriculum Partners

Medical Curriculum Partners (MCP) was founded in 2004 as a collegiate partner to large flagship universities across the U.S., running our premium assistant training programs by leasing office space at local medical practices.

Over time, as the practice owners observed the increasing number of dedicated and qualified talent training under their roof every quarter, many expressed their keen
interest in operating their own schools.

This inspired us to translate our passion for vocational education into a platform for dentists nationwide to benefit and profit from our premium curriculums and proprietary educational technologies.

So in 2018, we launched the MCP Dental Assisting School Program, a complete turnkey model crafted exclusively for entrepreneurial dentists.

For an investment of $18,500 (and $21,000 for California), MCP provides a proven partnership that walks you through the entire process of establishing a school, including laying the groundwork and providing continuous support and innovation.
However, we realized that many weren’t prepared to make such a significant investment. Determined to make our startup model more accessible, we created D.A.S.H., which enables dental practices to learn and apply the process at your own pace — at a fraction of the cost of our turnkey solution.

By choosing D.A.S.H., you’re also partnering with a team that truly understands the complexities of dental practice management and shares your ambition for sustainable growth.

With a network of over 150 partners, our mission at MCP is clear — we want to provide dentists with a unique and innovative opportunity to increase their practice’s income, make a positive impact on the industry, and improve their quality of life.

Medical Curriculum Partners (MCP)

What Dentists Say About Our
Startup Blueprint

Read what our dental partners experienced after launching their
dental assisting school using our turnkey model

You Already Have Everything You Need To Start Your Dental Assisting School with D.A.S.H

Quick Setup

Utilize your existing facilities and equipment for a rapid start to your school business.

After-Hours Income

Convert downtime into a passive income source with an after-hours vocational school, potentially adding significant revenue each quarter.

In-House Instructors

Your current team can serve as your teaching staff, simplifying the process.

High Demand

The pandemic has increased the demand for skilled workers, providing a larger student base for your school.

Economic Resilience

Vocational training remains consistent across economic climates, offering you a steady business platform.

Minimal Inventory

Starting your school doesn’t require a large inventory, and your staff can work as subcontractors, reducing overhead.

Low Operational Costs

Well-run schools typically operate at low overhead costs, allowing you to maximize returns from each class.

Ready-Made Talent Pool

Your graduates serve as a source of well-trained dental assistants, available whenever needed.

Easy Expansion

After initial state licensure, adding programs and growing to multiple locations becomes a straightforward process.

Regular Intake

With classes starting every three months, low tuition, flexible schedules, and fast completion times, running your school becomes an uncomplicated task.

A Quick Preview Of The
D.A.S.H. Program

Module 1: Initiation into Vocational School Ownership

Discover the world of Dental Assisting School (DASH) ownership and explore the journey from inception to launch and growth with a structured approach to your entrepreneurial venture.

Module 2: Deciphering State Regulatory Licensing

Gain an understanding of the state licensing process, ensuring compliance and credibility for your educational venture. This crucial administrative knowledge can be your foundation for success.

Module 3: Crafting the School Business Plan

We will equip you with a step-by-step guide to formulating a successful business plan, thereby simplifying the process of strategic decision-making and team-building.

Module 4: Mastering Student Marketing and Lead Management

Delve into the critical aspects of student outreach and lead generation. Get hands-on experience with effective marketing strategies, making recruitment fun and rewarding.

Module 5: Harnessing Domain Knowledge

Familiarize yourself with our unique curriculum, course financing options, and tackle common enrollment and teaching obstacles. A straightforward way to ensure smooth school operations.

Module 6: Excelling in Sales and Admissions

Discover the significance of sales and admissions in your school’s success. Learn to foster trust with potential students and guide them confidently through the enrollment process.

Module 7: Navigating School Financials

We simplify the seemingly complex world of finance, ensuring you can effectively manage costs, pricing, and profitability, for a successful and sustainable school.

Module 8: Collaborating with Subcontractors

Discover the significance of sales and admissions in your school’s success. Learn to foster trust with potential students and guide them confidently through the enrollment process.

Module 9: Facilitating Class Production

Gain comprehensive knowledge on the class production process, form management, and quality control. We simplify this critical component for an exceptional learning experience for your students.

10 Reasons Why You Should Launch A
Dental Assisting School With D.A.S.H.

This self-paced program is for you if…

Why Aspiring Dental Assistants Prefer
Our Dental School Curriculum

Shorter Course Durations

Most schools require up to a year of classes. Our programs take only 12 weeks to complete. Students can become qualified dental assistants in four months and start to get their return on tuition investment after 215 hours of work (based on the current national hourly rate of $19.97). This also means that your school can hold up to four sessions a year.

Hands-On Training & Chairside Experience

Our curriculum offers 172 hours of lecture and lab including 20 hours of clinical rotation (shadowing during patient hours), and a 50-hour internship with a practicing Dentist. This adds great value for the student as they’ll be working with real dentists, real equipment, and even with
real patients.

Affordable Tuition Fees

National trade schools (such as Apollo College and Bryman) charge up to $15,000 in tuition fees. Our school curriculum is designed to make it more affordable and accessible for prospective students to join your dental assisting school, ranging between $3,800-$4,275 for each program.

Part-Time Learning Hours

Most schools only hold classes during office hours. With our curriculum, you can choose to hold your classes in the evening and on weekends. This makes it more accessible and convenient for students that have day jobs or family commitments.

What Students Say About The MCP
Dental Assisting Curriculum

How Setting A Dental Assisting School With D.A.S.H. Can Significantly Boost Your Practice

…And Improve Your Quality Of Life

Below are some benefits that our partners have directly experienced with our turnkey blueprint:

Lower Stress Levels So You Can Feel, Sleep & Live Better

All of our partners have reported lower stress levels, improved wellbeing, and a greater quality of life after opening their dental assisting school with us.

Income That Gives You The Freedom To Create Your Dream Practice

You’ll no longer be held hostage by your daily production. Drop lousy insurance plans, see only the patients you want, and only take on cases that add great value to your skill.

More Opportunities For Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

Create meaningful, healthy relationships and have more time to enjoy long, relaxing vacations or pursue adventures that you never had time for.

A Better Client Base So You Can Prioritize The Kind of Patients You Want

On average, our partners have been able to increase their patient base by 30% each year through student referrals alone.

Undisturbed Client Hours So You Never Have To Compromise Your Practice

Many other schools hold classes during the day, whereas you can offer classes in the evening and on weekends. This lets you compartmentalize better and be able to maximize both your practice and your school.

National Recognition That Makes Your School A Leading Practice In Your Territory

Being part of a premium national network tells prospective students that they’ll receive quality training from your school, matched with affordable tuition fees and a lending platform that competitors can’t offer.

At Only $3600 $899, You’ll Get Unrestricted Access To Our Proprietary Turnkey Package As A Self-Paced Program


Earnings (Net)


Who Does the Work?

While our turnkey program sets everything up, D.A.S.H. lets you go through the program at your own pace with your team

Educational Resources

You’ll get access to the same comprehensive curriculum with instructor guides, lesson plans, PowerPoints, exams, and catalogs that our turnkey partners do

School License

While the MCP turnkey program prepares the license on your behalf from start to finish, in D.A.S.H., you’ll get access to our step-by-step guide to acquiring your license on your own

Operational Guidance

You get detailed instruction on all aspects of a school operation, marketing, and growth

Marketing & Admissions

While the MCP turnkey program handles all marketing on your behalf, in D.A.S.H., you’ll get access to the same effective marketing and recruitment strategies that
we use

Student Financing

While the MCP turnkey program provides a tuition lending platform for students, in D.A.S.H., we recommend different course financing options for your prospective students

Certifications for Graduates

Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) National Certification

Student Curriculum Hours & Training

161-hour hybrid curriculum including 40-hour externship + 28 hours real patient clinical training


Access to our Proprietary Learning Management Software (LMS) for an integrated set of end-to-end tools from lead to graduate, as well as our custom
Website builder


Integrated call center to handle your first sales and improve conversion

Ownership of Curriculums

You have lifetime access to all program resources
in D.A.S.H.




For dentists who’d rather have MCP handle everything, we offer a complete turnkey package to get your dental assisting school credentialed and launched for $18,500 ($21,500 for California).


Access $14,000 Worth of Resources to Skyrocket Your Success As You Build & Grow Your Dental Assisting School…

30-Day Access To The DASH Marketing Engine

All-In-One Marketing & CRM Platform

Once you’ve secured your dental assisting school license and are set to go public, you’ll get 30 days of complimentary access to the DASH Marketing Engine—expertly crafted to ensure your inaugural enrollment campaign runs without
a hitch.

This all-in-one marketing and CRM platform streamlines your entire enrollment workflow. From automatically responding to leads to booking appointments, DASH does it all without you lifting a finger. Leverage AI and machine learning to double or even triple your conversion rates without inflating your ad budget. Keep track of enrollment stages, customize follow-ups, and collect payments seamlessly through Stripe integration.

Plus, get actionable insights from our analytics dashboard and 24/7 help desk support. DASH makes managing your school effortlessly efficient.


Yours FREE When You Become A
D.A.S.H. Member

12 x 30-Minute Expert Consultations 1:1 Coaching Calls

When you join D.A.S.H. now, you’ll get a 30-minute consultation call with an MCP Dental-approved startup expert for every month during your first year as a dental assisting school owner.

Think of these calls as a highly valuable layer of support, assisting you in navigating your journey and covering a range of essential topics — including insightful assistance with state licensing procedures, strategic guidance on student marketing initiatives, how to leverage our easy-to-use website builder, and navigating the ins and outs of admissions and enrollments to ensure your school runs smoothly from the get-go!


Yours FREE When You Become A
D.A.S.H. Member

Dental Front Desk Receptionist Module Training Curriculum

While D.A.S.H. comes with our Dental and Orthodontic Assisting Program curriculums, our comprehensive receptionist training curriculum will be a valuable addition to your school or practice — and create skilled talent in the area of patient and communication management.

This module equips aspiring receptionists with the essential skills they need to become a key player in patient satisfaction and elevating your patient interactions so you can transform your reputation and efficiency.

It focuses on areas such as appointment scheduling, patient communication, and demonstrating empathy to enhance the patient experience. This robust training isn’t merely an added benefit—it’s every dentist’s pathway to a more efficient, patient-focused practice.


Yours FREE When You Become A
D.A.S.H. Member

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Everything You Get When
You Join D.A.S.H.

Plus $14,000 worth of additional support and tools when you enroll now:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you join D.A.S.H. through our secure order form, you’ll receive an email to confirm your enrollment and access the program in our learning portal, so you can get started right away.
This includes all our training videos, instructor manuals, customizable templates, class assessments and school materials — all clearly outlined for a step-by-step learning journey that you can navigate and progress at your own pace.

D.A.S.H. is designed to be a self-paced online learning experience, catering to your unique schedule and needs. While the time commitment can vary based on individual pace, many participants find dedicating several hours each week over several months allows them to thoroughly digest the material and apply it effectively.

However, it’s essential to remember that the more time you can commit initially, the faster you might see tangible results.

We understand that as a dental professional, your schedule can be hectic. You can delegate the learning to your current team who can serve as your teaching staff and work as your subcontractors. This reduces overhead and converts downtime into a passive income source with an after-hours vocational school.

Plus, with D.A.S.H.’s robust support system, including playbooks on school operations and an integrated call center, anyone handling the program on your behalf will have the necessary resources at their fingertips.

Remember, the primary goal is to ensure that your dental assisting school becomes a reality, whether you go through the program personally or entrust it to a capable team member.

It might seem overwhelming initially, but with D.A.S.H., the process becomes streamlined and manageable, even if you’re already running a busy practice.

The program is designed precisely for professionals like you — it offers a self-paced online learning experience, ensuring that you can proceed at your own convenience and comfort level.

Plus, the program provides comprehensive support, from school operation playbooks to a robust platform that offers easy access to essential documents, templates, and assets needed to run the school.

The goal of D.A.S.H. is to make our proprietary startup process accessible, affordable and applicable.

Once you’ve joined D.A.S.H., you have the option of supplementing the program with MCP Dental’s “a la carte” services, such as licensing, admissions or marketing assistance, to ensure that you get precisely the support you need.

If you’re interested in having us handle everything, MCP offers a complete turnkey package to get your dental assisting school credentialed and launched for $18,500 ($21,500 for California). Click here to learn more.

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