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Average Lifetime Value of a Dental Patient

Average Lifetime Value of a Dental Patient

The average lifetime value of a dental patient is a significant value that not many general dentists know the answer to. This is in part because of the difficulty in quantifying lifetime value, as it varies based on how frequently patients visit and what procedures they need.  Every patient who leaves your practice should have his or […]

How Many Patients Should a Dental Practice Have?

How many patients should a dental practice have

It is most likely that you’ve visited a dentist at least once in your life. It could be that you had to clean up plaque from your teeth, remove a troublesome tooth, check for dental attrition, or get braces. There is also a chance that you run a practice and have to spend most of […]

13 Dental Practice Management Tips: For a Successful Dental Practice

13 Dental practice management tips for a successful dental practice

Our Tips For Successful Dental Practice Management& a Great Patient Experience Dental practice management isn’t easy, these suggestions of practice management advice will assist you in improving the bond between your team, keep patients, and increasing the revenue you earn. There’s more involved in managing a dental practice than it first appears. From a distance, it […]