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With over 20 years of higher education experience and 96 successful partnerships across the US, Medical Curriculum Partners (MCP) offers a well-tested, step-by-step, and the most advanced Dental Assisting Training Program for dentists who want to establish a side business to supplement the income from their practice.

Partnering with MCP Schools will allow you and your practice to:

Our Story

So Far…

Medical Curriculum Partners (MCP) was established in 2004 as a college partner to major flagship universities across the United States. We ran our high-quality assistant training programs by leasing offices in nearby medical clinics and practices.

As Dental practitioners noticed the growing quantity of highly skilled and committed talents undergoing training under their roof every quarter, many expressed a keen desire to operate their dental assistant school.

We were inspired by this to translate our love for vocational education into a platform that allows dentists worldwide to benefit from our top curriculums and exclusive educational technology.

In 2018, we launched the MCP Dental Assisting School Program, a turnkey school business model tailored exclusively for entrepreneurial-minded practice owners.

With the 96 members (and continually growing!) within our network, our goal is to provide dentists with an innovative and unique business opportunity to grow their income from their practice, positively impact their profession, and make a difference in their lives and those around them.

Medical Curriculum Partners (MCP)

104 Campuses


26 Universities


20+ Years


7200 Students


Bringing Solutions

To Your Problems


The Problem

Fragmented Market. There is no national brand leader or recognition.

Our Solution

MCP Schools developed a turnkey solution to become the most prominent brand and national leader in dental assisting education through dentist collegiate and non-profit partnerships.

The Problem

Major shortages of trained dental assistants which effects the level of patient care and industry turnover.

Our Solution

Premium outcome-based hybrid curriculum with a high level of hands-on learning. Teach the students soft skills.


The Problem

Larger career schools are very expensive and long term durations. Typically $18,000 for most 9-month programs.

Our Solution

MCP Schools can offer affordable tuition because investment in buildings, equipment, and large capital requirements is not necessary.

The Problem

The larger career schools have very low graduation rates despite being incredibly expensive. The national graduation average is 46%

Our Solution

Condensed curriculums that are practice-based and fast-tracked keeps the students engaged. 98% graduation rate on average for MCP Schools students.


The Problem

Practice owners are having to hire inexperienced people looking for jobs and not careers – Leads to higher turnover, reduced quality patient care, higher cancellations/no-show rates.

Our Solution

Start a dental, medical, or nursing assistant school with on-going access to top talent.

The Problem

Dentist and physician incomes are dwindling – Debts are high.

Our Solution

Put your practice to work for you after patient hours.

The Problem

Dentists and physicians are tied to chair and exam production. Leads to higher stress, fewer personal hours, and no time to take full vacations.  

Our Solution

An extra six-figure passive income to take family vacations, pay down debt, or buy that vacation home.

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