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A Nationally Recognized Turnkey Dental Assisting School Partnership For Entrepreneurial Dentists

All You Need Is Your Practice.
We’ll Take Care Of The Rest.

Prioritize Quality Patients. Work Fewer Hours. Earn Up To $180,000 Of Additional Income This Year.

Leveraging over 20 years of higher education experience and 96 successful partnerships, Medical Curriculum Partners (MCP) provides a proven, step-by-step, and cutting-edge Dental Assisting School Program for entrepreneurial dentists that are looking for a recession-proof business to augment their practice income… and get on the thriving education market at an accessible startup price.
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96 Successful Partners Across the U.S.A.

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26 States & Territories including Texas, California, Florida, and Georgia.

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Up to $180,000 additional passive income each year

Burning Out Is NOT A Normal Part Of Dentistry

It’s true that you can make a good living in dentistry. But too often we see that concept break apart when dentists fall into the grip of overwork and an unforgiving hustle that ultimately breaks them down.

The enthusiasm you had when you first started your career has likely tapered off steadily over the years. Factors such as time pressure, client servicing, staff management, marketing efforts, overhead costs, and crippling debt generate enough stress to cause a myriad of physical and mental issues.

This can also sabotage the quality of your relationships because, by the time you “punch out” of your practice, you’ve little energy left to be fully present with the people you care about — including yourself.

To top that off — the shocking rates of divorce, alcoholism, substance abuse, and even suicide in the industry are surely a critical wake-up call to revisit your business strategy and explore a completely different, sustainable way to truly make a good living.

And we all know what that means: fewer hours and dare we say it — fewer patients — at a time.

But just how do you manage that… and still be able to account for all your operational costs, provide top-notch service to your clients, manage a qualified and satisfied team, and lead the comfortable and fulfilling life that you set out to create?

Why A Dental Assisting School is The Perfect Passive Income Business For You

Opening a Dental Assisting School is unquestionably the most effective and lucrative business for dentists today. Despite the economy, there’s still a strong need for Dental Assistants across the U.S. and Canada. It’s the third fastest-growing occupation for which a college degree isn’t required.

Dentists nationwide are desperate for well-trained, invested dental assistants that can positively impact the overall quality of their patient care. With 60 dental practices per 100,000-population, patients have many options to choose from. And that decision also relies on how welcome, supported, and safe they feel with the staff at each visit.

As a result, there’s a strong demand for quality schools that can provide well-trained dental assistants nationwide to the thousands of aspiring career seekers who are looking to invest in a flourishing career in dental healthcare.

With the right facilities, guidance, and materials — you too can operate a school in your territory and benefit from a consistent stream of additional income through tuition fees.

Launching a school allows you to significantly reduce overhead by utilizing your office and equipment during closed hours. We will train your staff to teach the school curriculum part-time. You’ll even get access to your own constant pool of trained dental assistants, reducing recruitment and turnover costs.

But the few educational business providers out there simply offer Do-It-Yourself packages — an assemblage of informational binders with very limited setup or operational support.

Dentist looking happy and smiling

For over 20 years, MCP operated exclusively as a collegiate partner to large flagship universities, leasing out office space at local medical and dental practices to run our premium assistant training programs.

During that time, we witnessed many of these practice owners struggle to maintain or scale their dental businesses. Despite cash coming in from renting us their space, we realized that it wasn’t enough for them to just play the role of “passive” landlord. We knew there was great potential in letting them open their own schools and getting a fair share of the revenue.

All they needed was the right blueprint and the right kind of support…

This inspired MCP to extend our services beyond academic institutions and tailor a national school business model exclusively for dental and medical practice owners that are looking to expand their enterprise, and scope of passive income financial possibilities with very quick returns.

But we didn’t just want to be another package provider. We wanted to design a business program that can ensure the growth and success of school owners by becoming a vested and active partner throughout every step of their journey.


Click the Calendly icon below to schedule a 45-min Discovery Call with our CEO, Julian Milian, and learn how MCP can help your dental practice scale in 2022 and beyond!

MCP Turnkey Dental Assisting School Program: We Do The Work For You

This is NOT a DIY package. This is a proven, all-inclusive, and step-by-step partnership that provides ongoing support and innovation.

MCP is an active partner with a vested interest in the success of each campus under our care. We deliberately designed the program so that we perform all the foundational work to get your school up and running… with little-to-no effort on your part.

You’ll receive unparalleled support and guidance from our team every step of the way. Our flagship setup model takes care of everything from state regulatory licensing and marketing to admissions and campus management to ensure your campus success and growth.

And the best part? You keep 100% of all revenue.

With an MCP Dental Assisting School, you’ll be able to offer our nationally recognized courses and premium curriculum to students —at a fraction of the cost and time of brick-and-mortar institutions.

With low overhead and low startup cost — this is an excellent revenue generator to give you a stream of passive income. The result? You get to enjoy more personal time (remember long vacations?) and reduce dependency on production.

Our combined experience at all levels of education and unmatched industry insight makes us an ideal partner for your Dental Assisting School.

How The Partnership Works

A Preview Of What You Get As A Partner

State Proprietary School License Preparation

We’ll save you 30+ hours of research and document preparation, including revisions, final audit reviews, and Protected Territory.

Customized Business Plan & Financial Forecast

Based on our market research, we’ll draft a 52-page business plan and a detailed 2-year forecast for your school.

Nationally Recognized Curriculums

We have foundational and advanced courses in Dental Assisting, Dental Pediatric Assisting, Dental Reception, and Orthodontic Assisting — all part of a nationally recognized brand.

Curriculum And Campus Document Customization

We’ll customize a school catalog that meets the policies in your state, and prepare all operational, instructional, and recruitment assets for your school.

Multi-Page School Website & System Platforms

Our web development team will build and maintain your school website, integrated with our proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Student Information System (SIS).

Onboarding & Instructor Training

We’ll train your staff on every process required to effectively run your school — from marketing, enrollment, and platforms to class instruction and curriculum.

Digital & Local Marketing

Your marketing strategy is covered with all collaterals including flyers, ads, press releases, email campaign templates, landing pages, and social media assets.

Access To Unlimited Support And Consultations

You’ll have access to unlimited training and consultations from our school department team after we license your school with the state board.

Tuition Lending Platform

MCP can refer thousands of students to our tuition lending partners, so you can skip the strict underwriting process, get automatic approval, and increase enrollments as a result.

Admissions Team

We have a professional admissions team ready to take inbound calls and make outbound calls on your school’s behalf. Never lose a single lead. Our admission team’s end goal is to get a prospective student to enroll in your school.

About MCP

Medical Curriculum Partners (MCP) was founded in 2004 as a collegiate partner to large flagship universities across the U.S.A, running our premium assistant training programs by leasing office space at local medical practices.

Over time, as the practice owners observed the increasing number of dedicated and qualified talent training under their roof every quarter, many expressed their keen interest in operating their own schools.

This inspired us to translate our passion for vocational education into a platform for dentists nationwide to benefit and profit from our premium curriculums and proprietary educational technologies.

So in 2018, we launched the MCP Dental Assisting School Program, a turnkey school business model tailored exclusively for entrepreneurial-minded practice owners.

With 96 partners (and counting!) in our network, our mission is to empower dentists with a unique and innovative business opportunity to expand their practice income, positively impact their industry, and improve their lives.

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Julian Milian, CHEP
Medical Curriculum Partners (MCP)

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Our Partner Promise

We Don’t Make Money Off Dentists.
We Make Money With Dentists
MCP does not profit from our initial partnership fee (this is a typical start up cost for our schools and includes state licensing). We make money ONLY when you make money from enrolled students. While your revenue comes from paid in tuition (your average net is $3,000 per student), MCP earns $300 per student to access the online lecture platform and is paid by the student. Students attend theoretical lectures online, and come into the practice for the hands-on training. This is why we’re able to offer our program at an accessible startup price. And as a partner, you keep 100% of all revenue.

What Our Dentist Partners Say About MCP

Dentist giving a review on dental assistant school
smiling profile shot of male white dentist

“I’ve looked at other school opportunity packages and even tried one that promised to get my state license and stopped the work halfway through. The expensive package I received was just a couple of binders and file that explained how to do things and was afraid that I would not have the time to do all the work myself.

MCP took on the responsibility of getting my school license, then ensure through aggressive marketing to drive students to my school. I like the setup since I’m mostly hands-off to a large extent. The fees MCP gets are very low for the amount of work they do and it doesn’t affect my bottom line. The amount of money I save from developing anything from scratch far outweighs their initial startup cost.”

smiling profile of black female dentist

“My school just celebrated a grand opening event that was covered by our local Chamber of Commerce 4 weeks into my first class of 8 students. During that event, 4 more signed up for my next class and I’m now very confident we’ll have 10 in our next class – all from our small town of 17,000 population. I love my students and they love our program. I have great expectations for the success of my school with MCP’s full support.”

Happy male dentist school owner
Neil O. DDS

“MCP has been amazing with the process of helping my dental assisting school get off the ground. From getting the school accredited to marketing to sales, these guys are the best in the business! I have been very impressed with their service!”

Happy woman

“MCP has made my long time desire to operate my own dental assisting school a reality. I am a full-time dentist and MCP made the entire process easy with tremendous support. My school was tailored to a platform that was best suited for myself , my staff and my students. Training is facilitated around my busy schedule and is ongoing as needed. Julian is very knowledgeable about the entire process and walked me through it. My school was the first in my state for MCP and the entire staff went over and above to ensure I satisfied my state requirements. Thank you MCP.”

Why Aspiring Dental Assistants Prefer MCP Schools

Affordable Tuition Fees

National trade schools such as Apollo College and Bryman charge up to $15,000 in tuition fees. Our school program charges only:

$4,275 for the Dental Assisting Program
$4,000 for the Orthodontic Assisting Program
$3,800 for the Front Office Dental Receptionist Program

Shorter Course Durations

Other schools require up to a year of classes. Our programs take only 12 weeks to complete. Students can become qualified dental assistants in four months and start to get their return on tuition investment after 215 hours of work (based on the current national hourly rate of $19.97). This also means that your school can hold up to four sessions a year.

Hands-On Training & Chairside Experience

Our programs offer 172 hours of lecture and lab including 20 hours of clinical rotation (shadowing during patient hours), and a 50-hour internship with a practicing Dentist. This adds great value for the student as they’ll be working with real dentists, real equipment, and even with real patients.

Part-Time Learning Hours

Most schools only hold classes during office hours. You can choose to hold your classes in the evening and on weekends. This makes it more accessible and convenient for students that have day jobs or family commitments.

What Students Say About The MCP Dental Assisting Curriculum

The curriculum prepared me well for Dental Assisting in the real world

“I had a great time attending your Dental Assisting school. I found the instructors to be very knowledgeable and supportive. The curriculum prepared me well for Dental Assisting in the real world. I found employment immediately after graduation. Thank you so much for all of your help!”

Nicole Bonwitt

I learned many things that I hadn’t anticipated.

“I really enjoyed the classes and instructors in this program. I learned many things that I hadn’t anticipated. It was surreal because the learning takes place with a real dentist, in a real practice, and I also got to work with real patients. It didn’t feel like a school—it was more like actual on-the-job training.”

Amy Milner

This program was worth my time, energy, and tuition.

“I turned my resume into local dentist offices, which included excellent recommendations from the doctors at the school. Within the first week, I was scheduling interviews. I work full time now and I am very happy with my line of work. This program was worth my time, energy, and tuition. I am very pleased with what you have done for my life! Thanks again.”

Tammy Bullock

How Our Turnkey Dental Assisting School Program Can Significantly Boost Your Practice And Improve Your Quality Of Life

Below are some key benefits that our partners have directly experienced with MCP.

Lower Stress Levels So You Can Feel, Sleep & Live Better

Imagine what life could feel like when you don’t have to worry about taking on extra patients, making ends meet to cover your overhead, and training inexperienced hires. All of our partners have reported lower stress levels, improved wellbeing, and a greater quality of life.

Income That Gives You The Freedom To Create Your Dream Practice

With the additional income from your Dental Assisting School, you’ll no longer be held hostage by your daily production. Drop lousy insurance plans, see only the patients you want, and only take on cases that add great value to your skill.

More Opportunities For Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

Spend more time with your loved ones and create meaningful, healthy relationships. You’ll also finally have more time to enjoy long, relaxing vacations or pursue adventures that you never had time to experience before.

A Better Client Base So You Can Prioritize The Kind of Patients You Want

On average, our partners have been able to increase their patient base by 30% each year through student referrals alone.

Undisturbed Client Hours So You Never Have To Compromise Your Practice

Many other schools hold classes during the day, whereas you can offer classes in the evening and on weekends. This lets you compartmentalize better and be able to maximize both your practice and your school.

Unparalleled Support As You Grow Your School & Ensure Its Success

You get our complete school blueprint and proven curriculum — while we do all the state school licensing work, campus management, admissions process, and even the marketing to fill up your classes.

A Headstart Before The Rest So You Can Generate Additional Income In Months

It takes an average of 4-5 months or longer depending on your state to obtain state regulatory school licensing. By starting a school now, you can generate much-needed enrollment revenue and access to your own dental assistant pool a few months down the road.

National Recognition That Makes Your School A Leading Practice In Your Territory

Being part of a premium national network tells prospective students that they’ll receive quality training from your school, matched with affordable tuition fees and a lending platform that competitors can’t offer.

A Preview Of Our Proprietary Technologies. Exclusive Access to Our Integrated Back Office & School Management Systems

laptop computer with statistics

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Being part of a premium national brand tells prospective students that they’ll receive quality training from your school, matched with affordable tuition fees and a lending platform that competitors can’t offer.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Conduct online lectures (Zoom-integrated) and manage assessments, grading, and attendance on our all-in-one Learning Management System so you can reserve in-person classes for practical training while navigating the COVID19 climate.

Student Information System (SIS)

Our proprietary system allows you to instantly access recruitment, applications, course registration, billing, transcripts, financial aid, career tracking, alumni development, student attendance, and even class rosters — all in real-time.

dental system on laptop
dental mobile phone app

Mobile Apps For Management & Students

Our management mobile app lets you facilitate campus management on the go. Students will also have an app to access the profile and course curriculum.

The MCP Dental School Setup Guarantee

Your State Vocational School License

Licensing, Accreditation & Compliance: The First Critical Step To School Ownership

Each state in the U.S has its own unique requirements and application processes for granting licensure or approval for private postsecondary vocational schools, non-degree-granting, and degree-granting institutions.

This is a daunting and detailed process in both content and documentation — with very specific language, formats, and deadlines for submission.

If anything is out of balance within your business plan, financial projections, school curriculum, enrollment agreement, or even sample marketing — your application will be returned.

That’s why it’s important to have experienced and professional licensing consultants such as MCP at your side. We’ve completed licensure applications for schools in over 26 states.

When you become an MCP Partner, our Professional Compliance Team will save you over hours of research and document preparation to ensure that you obtain your State Vocational School License.

For A Limited Time Only: Become A Partner At A Founding Startup Fee

At the moment, we’re offering our flagship program at a founding startup fee that’s up to 40% lower than our competitors, despite the extensive range of additional services that we offer to our partners.

With 96 active practices in our current network and increasing demand for our services, MCP is expected to rapidly grow over the next year and become a leading brand in the vocational education market.

This means that we will need to increase our program fee to effectively support our growing community of Dentist Assisting School owners and uphold the integrity of our brand.

We can guarantee you that we will never offer this partnership program at a founding startup fee again.

So if you’re interested in expanding your practice, securing an additional six-figure income every year, and significantly improving your health and your life — we highly recommend that you take action now.

This one-time investment in yourself can be easily made back with your very first batch of students once you become an MCP Partner.

Request our business prospectus today to learn more about our turnkey school model pricing and everything you’ll get by becoming part of our fast-growing community of dentist partners.

Request Our Business Prospectus Today

Complete this form to access our 30-page business prospectus, which details every aspect of our partnership program, curriculum overview, and fees and pricing.

We’ll also send you the next steps to becoming an MCP Dental Assisting School owner and a draft budget spreadsheet so you can see how the numbers work!

Dental Assistant School Business Prospectus

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Compare Us To The Competition

Still not convinced if a Dental Assisting School with MCP is the best option for you? See the table below to compare a partnership with us with two of our competitors.

Vandelay Education AKA Arch Dental Academy

MCP Schools Logo in white

Hands On University Dental Assisting School


Click the Calendly icon below to schedule a 45-min Discovery Call with our CEO, Julian Milian, and learn how MCP can help your dental practice scale in 2022 and beyond!


We have several options to help dentists who are serious about starting a dental assisting school out of their practice, to meet individual needs and situations.

MCP does not profit from the startup investment because 98% of the investment goes towards paying the startup costs the dentist would normally have anyway. The difference is that we have the existing assets, resources, contacts and experience to make these investments go much farther than if a dentist were to start from scratch.

These include paying a compliance team to do the often times complex state licensure applications for approval, the custom WordPress build with technology integrations, business planners, manikins, typodonts, and other school-related equipment purchases included in our packages, location specific curriculum customizations, catalog development, LLC set up costs, support elements, etc.

For a complete turnkey package, including a state license guarantee and national brand use, the initial startup is $24,500.

Recently, we’ve also implemented an A-La-Carte pricing package that let’s dentist pay their way in little by little as required for school launch. For example, the usual starting place is the state licensure package which costs $7,500. Licensure time varies per state. Once approved, the dentist can then purchase the curriculum(s) and custom website. Once that is complete, they can purchase our marketing and equipment packages. This option is best for dentists who want to market their new school under their own name and brand, or those who feel that it makes more sense financially to purchase packages as needed only. You can find pricing on the Pricing page. Simply select the package you need and order directly on our site.

For service orders, a representative will contact you via email within 3 days to set up an initial 15-minute onboarding session. This is especially important with the state licensure application, any curriculum package, the website build, and the school marketing package. There is no Zoom Discovery Session required since dentists who order this are more interested in launching a school using their own brand. However, if you would like to utilize our brand, then a Zoom Discovery Call will also be set up. All a-la-carte orders come with a 30-minute monthly consultation session for an unlimited amount of time.

We only finance the $24,500 turnkey package. The options are:

$8,500 down and $1,600 per month for 10 months,
$12,500 down and $12,000 in four months (right around the time the school is licensed or close to licensure.

The rest of the costs are fairly minimal and include things like a surety bond if the state requires one around $500, school liability insurance of around $1,800 per year (typically monthly payments $ 150/month), fictitious name filing with the county $20, and the state school license which can range from $1,000 per year to $3,000 depending on the state.

From the first class. 6 students break you even on your initial investment of $24,500 with an average tuition of $4,275 for the turnkey program.

Overhead is around 18% to 20% but should never be more than that.

Well over $180,000 per location.

We have schools that operate with as little as 3 treatment rooms while others have over 20. There is no need for classroom space since all the lecture content is online on our LMS system. Students register online on your website and start the online courses for 4 weeks before they start hands-on training.

Around 2-4 hours per week. Most dentists hand over the program to their office manager or dental assistant to run. MCP will provide training and ongoing support.

Our marketing is low compared to other marketing agencies. That’s because we specialize in recruiting dental assisting students and serve no other industry other than dentistry. Your breakeven per class for marketing is 2 students. Our marketing package is $2,500 per month and is integrated with live chars, SMS, and a host of lead-gen programs. This is optional for dentists selecting A-La-Carte services. The reason we include it as part of our turnkey package agreement is that we earn revenues through our online platform from students. The more students we can enroll at each campus the better for the dentist as well as MCP. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business and a service area we do not take lightly so we recruit top talent only. None of our marketing team is a generalist. Each has its own specialty like social media, graphic design, SEO, Google Ads, etc., and focuses only on its area of expertise to get the best consistent results.

Most campuses will pay $25 per hour. Instructors are independent contractors and not employees of the school. They are most likely a dental assistant that works for the practice.

Every state is different. Most states take four months to approve a school once the applications are submitted, and others can take almost a year (California, NY, NJ, Oregon).

With the exception of California which requires a 32-hour dental board approved certification course in radiology, and New Jersey (45 hours), most states are pretty lenient and will mostly require students to pass the Dental Assistant National Board (DANB) Radiation Health and Safety exam. This exam is required for graduation from our hybrid program.

MCP earns revenues when you do; as soon as a student enrolls, they pay the $300 online planform fee and a $50 application fee. So our revenues are dependent on the amount of students each school can enroll.

The school collects all its own student tuition and fees, not MCP.

Of course, you can. A number of our schools get $1,500 from local practices whenever they hire one of their students. It’s a great secondary revenue stream. And when you add the front office receptionist and/or orthodontic assisting programs, you can sky-rocket your revenues to newer heights.

No. MCP is not a franchise, though our business model is set up like one. There are no ongoing royalty fees or strict regulations that franchises normally have.

If you are purchasing the complete turnkey package with national branding, then you would use our school brand name which has quite a few benefits including school and curriculum standardization, national brand recognition driving more students, as well as ranking higher on Google due to national brand searches and website hits.

If you are purchasing packages a-la-carte, then you can name the school anything you want and we will customize all materials to your name except the online platform.

Yes, in all cases we provide a high-level custom website (our brand or your brand) with lots of integrations designed to get students to take action and provide an all in one marketing and tracking resource for you.

Because marketing is only 50% of the job. Once a lead is derived from marketing, you’ll need someone dedicated to following up with those leads, and also be able to talk to students and answer any of their questions. This person also does some local marketing efforts for you including high school presentations. Most offices pay this part time person a small salary and bonuses for each enrollment.

OceanPointe’s 12-week Dental Assisting Program comprises of 161 total course clock hours:

  • 24 online lecture clock hours (12 modules),
  • 64 hands-on laboratory clock hours
  • 28 clock hours of patient clinical training,
  • 40 clock hours of externship with a local practicing dentist, and
  • 5 clock hours of CPR certification.


Each lab class period is 4 hours in length and meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 pm to 10 pm for 16 classes or Saturdays when offered, from 8 am to 5 pm for a total of 8 labs.

Online lectures, laboratory sessions, and clinical training are followed by two weeks of externship at the end of the program.

Patient clinicals are when students shadow a dental assistant who works directly with patients during scheduled clinic hours.

Part 1 Online Learning: Offered exclusively through MCP’s online student portal. Here, students will watch instructional training videos, guide themselves through lecture slides with audio, complete homework assignments, and complete quizzes and tests. Once each online module has been completed with a passing grade, students will move on to Part 2 after completing all 12 online modules (4 weeks). Clinical shadowing is started on week 3 of online training for 7 hours one day per week.

Part 2 Hands-On Training: Students will find familiarity with each of the clinical skills expected of a dental assistant as they work through the entire curriculum for a second time via hands-on labs and clinical training for 8 weeks.

Anywhere from 8 to 20 students per class session. With our hybrid program, you can host up to 7 class sessions annually.

Request Our Business Prospectus Today

Complete this form to access our 30-page business prospectus, which details every aspect of our partnership program, curriculum overview, and fees and pricing.

We’ll also send you the next steps to becoming an MCP Dental Assisting School owner and a draft budget spreadsheet so you can see how the numbers work!

Dental Assistant School Business Prospectus

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